About Meraan

MERAAN is an online platform that provides unlimited access to a fitness network. It partners with trainers, gyms & studios to offer a number of online & physical classes, flexible membership options and a variety of events and activities.
All your fitness goals are now at your fingertips!

MERAAN helps the fitness community socialize and enjoy quality services. Every fitness enthusiast now can find the perfect instructor, join fitness classes, have assistance in planning the workouts and participate in the local fitness events.

Instructors, gyms and fitness studios can get a significant number of new customers and promote their services with MERAAN digital platform. Our friendly commission structure helps our partners to earn more and reach a new audience.


Our goal is to become the leading online fitness platform in the GCC. MERAAN will deliver innovative fitness and lifestyle programs to the customers.

Our professional partners will inspire and support fitness enthusiasts in their commitment to enhance their quality of life.

We aim to be a one-stop solution for everyone who is interested in sports and workouts. MERAAN will be known for its exceptional customer experience and fitness services.


We bring health and wellness to every fitness enthusiast in the GCC. Commit to be fit and our aims to create a vibrant and healthy fitness community.


We give you the opportunity to try different directions and turn sports into a way of life
More features — fewer restrictions. We provide the first and remove the second
We are an IT company, and we have created a convenient platform with an online booking system
MARAAN adapts to you. You can choose convenient time, place, number and direction of training.

For the service providers we offer

An additional marketing channel
Easy payment solution
Direct customer feedback
Easy classes scheduling solution

For fitness enthusiasts

Gym memberships
Fitness classes
Personal trainers
Sports events

Our model for fitness success

Create your profile and set your goals
Get a tailored fitness and diet plan
Track your progress and achievements
Receive recommendations based on your

HOW It works?

Choose classes: Online & Offline classes are available
Book: Any classes, anytime, anywhere!
Enjoy: It can't be that simple? Try!
Embark on your fitness journey with MERAAN

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