How do I see a specific studio's schedule?

Tap on ‘Find a class’ and typing the studio’s name in the 'Find a studio' search bar. You can also tap the ‘Favorites’ tab by hitting 'Profile' then 'Favorites' on the bottom of your screen to see schedules for your favorite studios (You can save a studio as one of your favorites by selecting the heart next to the studio name on the app). Helpful Tips: 1. Classes become available at different times. 2. We recommend refreshing your search page to ensure you’re seeing the most current inventory available. 3. We offer full schedules for the majority of our studios. However, some studios reserve certain classes for their own members. If the class is not listed on our site, we don’t currently offer it. (If this happens, don’t worry—we have so many classes available on our site that you’re sure to find another one that’s right for you!)

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