We’ve all learned how to conduct our daily work using ZOOM... But how about a training session? MERAAN has launched Live-training sessions for those who are tired of being quarantined and want to actively spend time with a top-class trainer.

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Why us?

Even if you communicate with colleagues and hold calls from the comfort of your own home - it’s still a job! At some point, this mode becomes monotonous, as every day seems to merge into one. Live training is a great way to change your routine and boost your team spirit, not to mention your body benefits!

All fitness clubs, studios, and wellness spaces are closed for quarantine, but you can train from anywhere in the world with instructors from our top partner studios! Morning exercises, yoga, functional training, nutrition, meditation etc.. All you need is a MERAAN subscription and the Zoom app.

What are the benefits of live-training from MERAAN

Live from MERAAN is an online training session. At the appointed time, the entire group gathers connects to the video broadcast and trains under the guidance of an experienced coach. We have connected our best studios and instructors for this purpose. Instructors will be able to adapt classes to different levels of training, give feedback, and explain the subtleties of each regime. There’s also the option to enable your own video and audio if you’d like to chat with the Instructor.

How does the training go?

  • You choose a studio or instructor and a convenient time
  • Book an activity
  • Free up space and prepare an inventory if you need it (this is indicated in the training description)
  • 15 minutes before the class starts, you will receive a notification to connect to the video broadcast
  • This is where you’ll set up the sound & video connection and ask any questions you may have.
  • Start training!
Available classes

If you have your own request, contact us directly and we will find you the right Instructor!

Who can train

All are welcome!

However, spaces in the class are limited to 100 people - so be sure to book in advance! Geography — the whole world! The training level can be specified before booking, and the instructor will build the session accordingly.

take your chance

If you’re someone who has always been pressed for time after a busy day at the office - now’s your chance! To sign up for a class, book it in the usual way. 15 minutes before it starts, you will see a link to the live stream in the app and receive a push notification.

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