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Frequently asked questions

Meraan is a community where fitness enthusiasts can seek advice, manage their fitness plan, avail memberships and participate in regional events. The Fitness service providers will be able to promote their services. The platform as a whole aims to create a vibrant and healthy community.

Becoming a Meraan partner and promoting your business on the platform is completely free. There are no monthly or upfront fees attached. When users purchase one of your services we charge a fee. (Meraan supports the fitness service providers with 2 types of fees, Full price, and discounted price)

As a partner, you remain in full control. You set the price of your classes and you determine which type of class you want to offer (Eg. 1-time class or a set of classes 5, 10 o 20 classes.)

Yes, you are able to choose any desired discount, and Merran will be placing the offer in a different highlighted section within the app.

On your business account you will be able to choose the schedule of your classes, you are only responsible for the timings decided. Once a user registers for your services you will receive a notification. (For the personal training services, the users will not be able to select the classes happening within the next 2 hours.)

Meraan was created with simplicity and convenience in mind of our partners. Therefore, Marian runs totally independent of your system and there are no IT integrations required to join the platform.

From money collection, manage user data, to handling payments and deposit your revenue to your bank account. Meraan takes care of it all.

Fill the registration form online. After you submit the form, one of our representatives will contact you. We will sign an agreement and will collect the licenses and permits required, and all marketing material available. The profile will be set and you will be able to access your business account and promote your services.

Every 15 days the balances will be cleared.

Meraan will help you to connect with a community of fitness enthusiasts. They will be able to discover your services and engage with you. Besides increasing your visibility on the market and increase your sales, Meraan will support you to manage your schedule, promotions, exposure, marketing campaigns on the app, collect feedback from your clients and see your ratings.

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