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Everything to organize your sport events

Meraan provides comprehensive technical and marketing related support to organizers of mass sport events, while providing an exhaustive set of personal services for participants.

All our partners have the possibility to receive payments, register participants, monitor event attendance and track sales analytics. Participans are getting automatically generated tickets with tracking functionality: after a succesful registration, a notification and an automated BIB number are sent both via e-mail and through Meraan accounts. At the end of the event, participants can see their results, get a personal digital certification and much more.

Our service increases the quantity and, most importantly, the quality of sales. Easy control of income and expenses.

Our advantages


Simple and easy

All information is in your personal account.


Analytics and reports

Personal profile with all the analytics (tickets sold, daily reports, event statistics).


Event customization

You yourself choose all the settings of events (pictures, awards, partners, etc.).



We guarantee the security of your funds and information.


Online Support

A dedicated team is ready to help you at any time.

Get started with US

01Easy Event creation

A leading ticketing service for sports event organizers: it simplifies organizer's life and makes event registration clear and convenient for participants.

02Member base

We have a huge customer database. When you start using Meraan Event, you automatically get access to different sports enthusiasts (swimming, cycling, running, esport, etc.).

03Flexible customization

Flexible customization of events. You can choose any parameter of your event (photo, number of races, price, partners, rewards, etc.). You can duplicate or save the event in drafts and continue to fill it at any convenient time.

04Clear statistics

Organizers have access to a wide range of functionalities to track statistics. Get daily and monthly full detailed reports or find out which of the events brings the most profit. Follow the dynamics of participants registration and manage the progress of sales.

05Transparency of reporting

The organizer sees all receipts and expenditures in real time in his personal account. All commissions and other taxes are transparent and clear.

Our advantages



Follow an easy, step-by-step process to create the perfect event.



Choose the set up and volume of personal services for participants.



Access to statistics on all participations on the platform.



Take advantage of our marketing services to maximize attendance.


Google Analytics data can be integrated and synchronized. for a more advanced programmatic method to access reports. With the Google Analytics Reporting API, you can track and get reports of your event web page traffic.


Analyze Event Reports

The reports section is an analysts' paradise. Net income, all taxes and other expenses are easily and clearly tracked. Flexibility and possibilities are the main criteria of Meraan Event.

Top 3 events - Daily performance







11k Trail run$10UAMale035125,5
22k Trail run$10RUSMale021125,5
5k Trail run$10UAEFemale20%35125,5
11k Trail run$10RUSFemale020125,5
11k Trail run$10RUSJunior30%35125,5
22k Trail run$10RUSMale021125,5
5k Trail run$10UAEFemale20%35125,5
11k Trail run$10RUSJunior20%23125,5

online ticketing & tracking SYSTEM

No more mucking around with customer lists on paper; just select the show you want to scan, upload the customer data and you’re ready to rock’n’roll!

Speedy Boarding – Get fans through the door – fast! Digital Collection Lists – No more print outs – tick ’em off on Meraan.

Bring Your Own Device – No dedicated scanners required, a smartphone is all you need. Sync Multiple Devices – For even a quicker entry. Stop the Scammers – Put a stop to duplicate and invalid entries.

Real-Time Data – CheckIn lets you know how many people are in your venue in real-time.


How Jeffrey used Meraan to PULL OFF his very first profitble event

Jeffrey’s Story

Hello, my name is Jeffrey. I run a private business and I am passionate about sports. I am new at organizing sport events myself, but I have always dreamt of creating a huge marathon. After all, sports helps me keep toned and cope with the challenges of running a business.

Trying to organize events on my own I faced a huge number of problems. Collecting documents, sending out invitations, organizing, ordering T-shirts for the winners, analytics. It was very difficult to control all of these processes and my first running event ended up failing in sales.

But my experience (and stubborness) with business matters did not allow me to give up. After all, mistakes are also experiences. I began to look for sites that could help me in better organizing my ideal event.

And then I discovered Meraan. Easy interface, own tickets, analytics, choice of sports. After registering, I got access right away to create my own event in my personal account.

Meraan functionality is very convenient: a step by step configuration, you save the event in drafts and get back to it whenevr your final details are all set. I created my own marathon event, filled in the fields, selected my sponsors, decorations and prizes and all went to the moderator for reviewing. Event set-uh notifications came to my email, as well as in my personal account, where I could communicate with the moderator. In case of any errors or lack of documents it was easy to attach them immediately in the message.

Eventually the event took place and I could easily track the statistics on my computer: number of tickets sold, gender, age, it was all visible there. If you do not have enough information you can easily download the full report in most of the formats.

Meraan helped me to realize my old dream, involving people in sports while making a profit. My personal experience of creating events on my own cannot compare with the level of comfort and guidance that Meraan provided me.


services & Expenses



3% of your ticket price


Online store

10% of event gross sales


Digital Marketing

Per request / individual

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